Do you want to heal from your illness and achieve your health and life goals quickly and efficiently? Are you going it alone, struggling with seemingly good treatments that just don’t seem to work? Coaching may be for you.

At Natural Digestive Healing, I work with motivated people who have digestive illness. We work together to achieve their health goals so they can live a full and engaging life.


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Below are some articles that my readers have found helpful. I hope you find them helpful too.

Coaching Chronic Digestive Illness

Coaching is very popular in the business world, and with athletes (of course). Stop and ask, Why is it that top executives and elite athletes find it essential to have a good coach?

We can learn from them.

A coach challenges you to take steps you might not take on your own. A coach can help you see your life and your life potential in ways you couldn’t or wouldn’t otherwise. A coach will hold you accountable for the choices you make, and help guide and focus those choices toward your goals so that you live up to your potential.  A coach has an extensive tool kit which can help you achieve your goals.

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The Theory

If changing the bacterial population of the colon decreases inflammation, and improves colitis, then colitis is at least in part pathogenic; an altered bacterial community sets off a cascade reaction which leads to inflammation and damage of the colon. Probiotics, communally oriented bacteria, such as Lactobacillius and certain Bifidio Bacteria have been shown to improve inflammation in the colon; however, those bacteria are transient and are not even in the top 40 most abundant species in the healthy human gut. It follows, then, that the best probiotic would be a complete mix of bacteria from a healthy, gut-normal person.

Antibiotics have also been shown effective in some cases. Therefore, the combination of the two make sense for treatment. Kill the ‘damaged’ flora; replace it with a complete, healthy flora.

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The Value of an Elimination Diet in Treating Crohn’s and Colitis

In this post, I will share yet more evidence that diet is essential to the management and treatment of inflammatory bowel (Crohn’s and Colitis). It is also essential, I believe, to the management of IBS, and many other idiopathic (of unknown origin) conditions, but I don’t have time for that here.

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Can Aloe Help Treat IBD?

Aloe Vera has been prized for its medicinal properties for over 5000 years. We have record of its use by Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, and European cultures. When we talk about Aloe Vera in terms of IBD, we are talking about aloe Vera gel—the mucilaginous polysaccharide, aqueous extract of the leaf pulp of Aloe barbadenisis Miller.

Aloe Vera gel contains more than 70 biologically active compounds. The active ingredient we will focus upon here is a β-(1-4)-linked mannan (trade nameAcemannan, but collectively known as polymannans), the mucilaginous polysaccharide I alluded to above. Simply put, this is a very special, non-toxic[i] carbohydrate which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory (important for IBD), anti-oxidant (also important for IBD), immune modulating (important for IBD), anti-cancer (important for IBD), anti-diabetic, and general wound healing properties (also important for IBD).[ii]

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