Bread Squares with Jam

I’ve been taking a little mental health break from the blog for the past month, and I will probably continue to do so at least until January; however, I wanted to share this with you. I just couldn’t resist.

In the beginning of November, I had my first successful non-SCD experiment: Sprouted Wheat. Why sprouted wheat? Because I hate nut flour, and because my elimination diet showed that my body doesn’t tolerate nuts right now anyway; because I love bread; and because I have generally been without symptoms for long enough now that I was willing to try an excursion, an SCD excursion to be precise. I wanted to try it because sprouts (not SCD legal) are super-foods, and because, after 2.5 years without it, I wanted some bread dammit.

So my wife and I sprouted some wheat berries, dried them at low temperature, ground them into flour, and made a simple soda bread: (sprouted) wheat flour, water, salt, baking soda, and a squidge of honey. I made it like a flat bread, only about 1/2″ thick and cut it into squares. It’s great with homemade jam. I tried these bread squares with homemade jam for a week in the beginning of November and… Eureka! Turns out my body (including my sickly colon) loves sprouted wheat! I’ve been eating modest amounts of it for a month now with no adverse effects. So in celebration of my first non-SCD food victory, I have written a poem that I’d like to share with you. It’s both in celebration of my success with sprouted wheat, and a tribute to my favorite author. I’m sure you’ll be able to guess the author as you read the poem. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I call it “Bread Squares with Jam.” Read the rest of this entry

Correction: Electrolyte Drink


The five major electrolytes I ment to talk about are: sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, postassium. I don’t know where manganese came from. Brain lapse.