It's true Max! The world does revolve around us.

The protocols in this post have been updated and expanded in my e-book, FMT Coach: A Guide to Fecal Microbiota Transplantation.

Still feeling good. I had a scare this week: I began to feel what I thought were UC symptoms recurring, (achy body, gurgly gut) so I took another infusion. No reason not to be safe. Then 24 hours later, I was laid up—body aches, weak, and D. Oh no. Flare up. S**t, I thought. Turns out, it was a real, live stomach flu—my wife had the same thing just a few days ago, and today I am on the mend. Boy, I was scared. Stupid stomach virus mimicking UC symptoms. Thanks for all your comments and questions. I hope to answer most of them in this post; however, this post will be colitis-specific because that’s what I have. That’s what I treated, and that’s what I know best. For those with Crohn’s, I don’t know how this treatment effects your condition. I will say this upfront: Do this in partnership with your doctor. That is, don’t go off and do this without a doctors supervision. This is not medical advice, rather a recounting of my story. I hope that it will help you.


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