Colonoscopy Results

I get a lot of comments and emails that say something like, “great post, loved the info, but how are you doing?” I admit, I don’t write enough about my own journey–I am still trying to heal fully from colitis, so often the things I’m writing about are natural treatments that I am trying, have tried, or want to try in the future.

Consider this short post an update on my health.

The bacteriotherapy last February got me back to normal, 100%, for about two weeks. Then my symptoms began to return, which lead to the realization that there was another layer of healing; another factor that needed to be addressed. But I was still better than before the bacteriotherapy. Now I was down to 1-2 loose stools per day, from 3-4–an improvement, but not total healing. So bacterial manipulations were a key treatment for me, just not the only treatment.

I turned to antibiotics and probiotics and started cycling a Berberine complex with probiotics. More improvement, but nothing permanent. My itching improved, and my energy improved, but still couldn’t kick the diarrhea. On to diet. Read the rest of this entry

Help Us Build the Preferred Doctor Database!

Adam at is starting a database of recommended doctors. The idea is simple: Ask people to recommend a GI in their area, someone who they think is great, who they have worked with–a kind of peer-reviewed list. This is a brilliant idea, and I wish I would have thought of it… sadly, I didn’t [sic].

I’ve heard so many people complain about trouble with their GI doctor. I think this will be really helpful to everyone, and it can reward high quality doctors out there, like mine. I’m adding mine to the list today.

I have put a link to the GI Doctor database on the sidebar under the Blogroll. Tell your friends!

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