Introducing my first ebook resource!

I have had an overwhelming response to my posts on Fecal Microbiota Transplantation [FMT] (a.k.a, Bacteriotherapy, or Fecal Transplant Therapy). This book is a way of meeting the needs of people who are considering FMT, and is in response to all of the questions people have asked me over the past year. So far as I can tell now, it is the most comprehensive resource on FMT out there.

I really believe that FMT is one of the most promising treatments for colitis. It has helped me, and many others across the world. It has also been used for IBS and for Crohn’s (where there is inflammation in the colon).

A Comprehensive Resource for Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT), also known as Bacteriotherapy or Fecal Transplant Therapy, is one of the most promising natural treatments for digestive disorders. FMT can cure colitis caused by Clostridium difficile infections. It has demonstrated effectiveness in healing inflammation in the large intestine caused by Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, and has been used to treat IBS.

Of all the topics I have encountered in treating IBD, this is the topic about which I get the most questions. In 2011, I designed this FMT protocol for myself in conjunction with my doctor. Since then I have gotten lots of questions, and I have updated  the protocols to include the latest information. I designed the FMT Coach as an inexpensive resource to address your concerns and questions about FMT. If you’re considering FMT, the FMT Coach will help you every step of the way.

For $24.95, you will get:

  • The FMT Coach E-book:

Learn the theory behind FMT, use my updated FMT protocols, learn how to choose a donor, learn how to talk to your doctor about FMT, and read about my experience with the treatment.

  • Matt’s Donor Screening Form:

Wondering just how to choose a donor? I have done the research for you, and  designed a comprehensive donor screening form, which will help you find a suitable donor quickly.

  • The FMT Primer: 

The FMT Primer is a brief executive summary-style condensed look at FMT you can give to your doctor. In just under three pages, your doctor will get the theory, history, protocols, risks, and peer-reviewed science journal references supporting FMT as a therapy.

  • One free 50-minute one-on-one coaching session ($100 value).

To compliment  the FMT coach package, you’ll get the chance to spend 50-minutes with a professional coach, totally free! I have had ulcerative colitis since 2002, and have been medication free since mid-2009. Ask your questions, make a plan; together we can outline, organize, and help reach your health goals, often faster and with fewer setbacks than if you were doing it on your own. After you make your purchase click the FREE COACHING SESSION link on the DOWNLOAD page to schedule your free coaching session.

Go to to learn more and buy the book!

Onward to Health,

Bacteriotherapy Journal 12: The Deeper Questions

Ever feel like this?

I’m now three weeks out of my initial bacteriotherapy. For folks just joining in, find my initial post on bacteriotherapy here, or use the category drop down on the right sidebar to find all the posts under bacteriotherapy.

As a recap, before bacteriotherapy, I was going to the bathroom 2-4 times/day with some mucus, extra bile, and not a hint of solid stool anywhere to be found. That’s down from my peak of 24 BM/day (with blood and mucus) thanks to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).

When I began the colloidal silver and enzymes (prior to the antibiotics), my bowels moved to a guaranteed 3-4 BM/day but with less mucus. Improvement? When I started the Vancomycin and Flagyl, about three days into taking them, my mucus and extra bile in the stool disappeared and I was left with the same antibiotic poo as anyone else. Yea! Definite Improvement.

This was a joy to me, and a confirmation that the etiology of my colitis was pathogens (bugs, bacteria). This theory was confirmed to me when, after about six fecal transplants (FT) my symptoms disappeared altogether. Double yea!

I enjoyed about five or six days without any symptoms (read: solid doo) before I got a real stomach bug, courtesy of my kids. It lasted about three days, after which I took four more infusions (why not?) to ensure my still damaged system recovered properly. I enjoyed a few more days of relative quiet, and had a 24-hour relapse of the stomach bug (this was the pattern with my kids too). Ever since, I have struggled to recover those gains I initially saw. I have taken four more infusions over the past six days and am confident that my donor’s flora has taken hold (I’ll spare you the details of how I know).

I am still much improved over my state before bacteriotherapy. I now go only 1-2 times/day (usually just one) with no urgency at all, but my stools are loose and filled with extra bile and maybe some mucus—so I struggle to regain that last 5% that I seem to have lost due either to this very, very poorly timed stomach bug, or due to some other factor I can’t see.

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Bacteriotherapy Journal #11

I’ve had some people asking how I’m doing post-bacteriotherapy, so I thought I’d write a short update.

I’m still feeling good. I had no symptoms for five days after the initial ten-day treatment, and then I had three days of a stomach virus. Yep, a real stomach bug. Great timing huh?

I was afraid that my newly established ecosystem may not recover fully from the stomach bug, so I began taking infusions again; the thought being to take them until symptoms disappeared again. Indeed, my fears were somewhat confirmed, when it took five infusions to bring me back to no symptoms.

Then I got hit with another 24 hours of the stomach bug. Arrgh! But this is how it was for my daughter, my wife, and my son, who all had the same thing (their illness was the only way I could differentiate between the stomach bug and a flare up, so in a way I’m thankful they got sick too).

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Bacteriotherapy Summary Post

It's true Max! The world does revolve around us.

The protocols in this post have been updated and expanded in my e-book, FMT Coach: A Guide to Fecal Microbiota Transplantation.

Still feeling good. I had a scare this week: I began to feel what I thought were UC symptoms recurring, (achy body, gurgly gut) so I took another infusion. No reason not to be safe. Then 24 hours later, I was laid up—body aches, weak, and D. Oh no. Flare up. S**t, I thought. Turns out, it was a real, live stomach flu—my wife had the same thing just a few days ago, and today I am on the mend. Boy, I was scared. Stupid stomach virus mimicking UC symptoms. Thanks for all your comments and questions. I hope to answer most of them in this post; however, this post will be colitis-specific because that’s what I have. That’s what I treated, and that’s what I know best. For those with Crohn’s, I don’t know how this treatment effects your condition. I will say this upfront: Do this in partnership with your doctor. That is, don’t go off and do this without a doctors supervision. This is not medical advice, rather a recounting of my story. I hope that it will help you.


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Short-shorts: Fecal Transplant Therapy

I’ll use today’s post, a short-short, to highlight some things that I’ve glossed over. Thanks to many thoughtful commenters for pointing out what I’ve missed. This is why I love blogs so much–the content is interactive.

1. Article in Slate Magazine about Fecal Transplant Therapy for C. difficile. As cool as it is that people are writing about this, it’s sad that conventional medicine is so reticent to use fecal transplant for idiopathic colitis. Sticking only to C. diff seems short-sighted to me. The most interesting part of this article is this link, which brings you to a paper in the Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology entitled, “Success of Self-Administered Home Fecal Transplantation for Chronic Clostridium difficile Infection”. Within that paper, which I don’t have rights to re-post here, you will find a procedure for administering fecal transplants from home.

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