I’m abusing the power of the pen in this post…

Last week’s CrossFit post inspired the athlete in me, so I joined a team and registered for the mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder in Virginia. The thought of running a ten-mile obstacle course complete with fire and 10,000 volt wires was just too much to resist. I still plan on using the IBD-friendly CrossFit model to train for it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Read the rest of this entry

In December, 2010, I did my first marathon—through the woods, in 5” of fresh snow. It was my first competition while I had active colitis. I’ve rarely felt so alive.

After the marathon, I dedicated myself to do a 50k trail race in the end of March, 2011, in the mountains outside of Charlottesville, VA. Check out the course map, and the course elevation profile. I’ve never been one for moderation. Read the rest of this entry

Correction: Electrolyte Drink


The five major electrolytes I ment to talk about are: sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, postassium. I don’t know where manganese came from. Brain lapse.

SCD Friendly Electrolyte Drink

As you know, I’m always on the search for food. If you own a buffet, or have friends over for a potluck, watch the skinny kid–he’ll eat you out of house and home.

A commenter wrote me yesterday and asked about ELETE, an electrolyte add-in (their words) for athletes. Add a few drops of this to your water, and you have instant sports drink. The best part? It’s SCD friendly. Yup.

When the commenter wrote me, I thought, “Crap! I’ve had this stuff on my shelf, an SCD-friendly electrolyte supplement, for months now, and haven’t told anyone about it.”

I don’t suppose that the excuse of being too busy flies here. I just forgot. I’ve been writing about so many other things that I’ve forgotten my heart and soul: Athletes.

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Bacteriotherapy Journal #7

Why I run so hard.

I’m so impatient. This is the one area of my life where I am, definitely, a typical american. Waiting is hard for me to do.

The last few days have been a waiting game. Wait for the sample. Wait for the infusion to settle. Wait for the next BM to see if it changed anything. Repeat.

Yesterday was my best day: 3 semi-solid, non-urgent BMs. Then I got cocky. I ate some rice with dinner last night. Don’t ask me why. I think I was 1 part anxious to be healthy and 1 part curious to see if my gut could handle it. It can’t. Not yet. Today by 1p, 3 loose movements. Oops. I’ve learned my lesson. Strict SCD from here forward.

I look forward to tonight’s infusion. Yesterday was the first infusion (of 3) that I was able to administer myself. I think I have the system down now: Pick up sample. Prepare sample. Administer sample. Read and roll horizontally for an hour until I’m confident I can hold it indefinitely.

I’ve been eating SCD yogurt, and taking a small amount of probiotic orally to account for the antibiotic effects on the rest of my system. I’ve even used my wife’s toothbrush (before she rinsed it; yes, she was disgusted)–all in the name of quickly and effectively replacing my flora with a normal one, all the way from the north to the south.

So, not much more to report. I still have good energy, and my bowels, despite three loose D movements today, are quiet, so hopefully I’m still on the upward climb to wellness.

I ran a hilly 5.3 mile time trial today through the woods, on local hiking trails. I broke 40 min for the first time ever. That’s something to cheer about indeed. 39:15. That’s a 7:29 mile pace, which is awesome for me on a hilly trail run. This will be the basis for my 10 and 20 mile efforts. Multiply my 5.3 mile pace by 1.2 and get my 10.6 mile goal pace.

The run was wonderful, and I felt strong. I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for my donor, who is willing to be inconvenienced for me, on the chance that his waste could be my cure–his trash, my treasure.

Onward to Health.