All natural SCD friendly energy gel and sports drink.

As I said in my last post, part of what I want to do with this blog is to help athletes with Chron’s and Colitis by suggesting SCD friendly recipes for long workouts and events. As far as I can tell, no one is talking about this. If you have Chron’s or Colitis, the SCD diet can give you your life back! It did for me. Conventional, allopathic doctors don’t know the etiology of our conditions (I don’t call it a disease–seen and read about too many people going for decades w/o symptoms to accept that this in an incurable disease), and take a prescribed path that often leads to interventions that leave us feeling worse than we did without them (this isn’t true for 100% of the cases–there are some who suffer terribly, and are helped by traditional medicine, but for many that’s not the case).
So without further adieu, athletes, active folks like me with Chron’s or Colitis, here’s an energy gel recipe you will love.

SCD friendly energy gel: mix together,
1 tbs chia seeds
6 tbs water
2 tbs lime juice

Haven’t discovered Chia? Check out these links:

Chia seeds contain lots of Omega 3, soluble fiber, and electrolytes, for starters. It is said that a small amount of chia, water and bread could keep an Aztec warrior all day in battle. I read about it in “Born to Run”.

To drink:
Try coconut water! It contains more electrolytes than most sports drinks out there (it’s balanced with all 5 major electrolytes), it has more potassium than a banana, and is all natural. Be sure there are no additives when you buy it.

I have colitis. I am an athlete. The two shouldn’t mix well; however, the SCD diet has given me my life back, after only 5 months on the diet, I’m off all medication and on my way to nomalcy. So now that I’m feeling good (it’s been a full year of constant flare up), I’ve begun to think about competing again. In the past, I’ve done 12 hr. mountain bike races, and 18-24 hour adventure races. The problem is that now I can’t eat any of the things I ate BC (before Colitis). So what will I eat? That’s what I hope to work out this winter, while–God and gut willing– training for an ultramarathon.

Here are my first thoughts on food to take on long (3+ hours) runs, hikes, rides, etc.
1. Bananas work, but shmoosh easily–bag ’em.

2. Medjool dates, nature’s gummy bears. More like a fig newton, without the newton.

3. Black bean burritos with cheddar (for really long runs, or long hikes). One caveat–I haven’t yet been able to make GOOD tortillas made from almond flour–yet. If anyone has ideas or recipies that work, please let me know.

4. Peanuts (after you’ve been symptom free for at least 3 months)

To drink:
1. 1 part Orange Juice : 1 part Water—this makes a 50/50 mix.
2. I’m working on a SCD friendly gel…stay tuned. If anyone has ideas, please share. As far as I know, this is a new area, that no one’s written about.

If anyone knows of an SCD friendly salt tablet, I’d love to know.

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