Not quite the same...but I am back.

After a healthy break from writing, I’m ready to start posting again. Since I get so many comments saying something like, “Great post. Loved the info, but how are YOU doing?”, I thought I ‘d inaugurate my return with a short update on my own health and how I’m doing in healing colitis using natural means.

Since my fecal transplant therapy (FTT, now called Fecal Microbiota Transplant, or FMT–they’re the same thing: a poop transplant) almost exactly a year ago (February, 2011), I’ve been flirting with 100%. Some of my symptoms returned about two weeks after FMT, but I was still improved over my condition pre-FMT.

Pre-FMT, I had 3-4 loose stools per day with no blood and no mucus, and my energy levels were hit or miss. Post FMT, 1-2 mildly formed stools with much improved energy levels. I was now (and still am) able to go on a 10k run or do heavy squats in the gym without fear of soiling myself. But I still wasn’t 100%, and I’m shooting for the stars here.

So I did an elimination-challenge. As a result, I spent six weeks at the top of the charts–100% for six whole weeks! But then I began challenging my body with the foods I eliminated. Tomatoes? Fine. Eggs? OK in moderate quantities. Dairy? Ack! My system went haywire after 1/4 cup of SCD yogurt (Click here to learn more about the SCD, Specific Carbohydrate Diet; it saved my life). I never got to nuts. I’ve yet to regain 100%.

I’m still chasing it.

Since the elimination, I have tried other natural treatments which have given me glimpses of my post-elimination glory days. Things that have helped me are:

Juicing has helped my energy levels tremendously, and I highly recommend it; especially daily wheat grass. Fasting gives your gut and body a rest, so it can focus its energy on maintenance and repair (to put it simply).

  • Heavy doses of probiotics.

I’ve been slowly upping my dose, and have safely taking 750 Billion CFU/day with good results. For those of you who haven’t yet experimented to find your therapeutic dose of probiotics, let me encourage you start the process now. Probiotics are proven effective.

  • Natural antibiotics.

For some time now, I’ve been using natural antibiotics with success. I’ve started an antibiotic/anti-parasite herb mix (PARA 3-L from Good Herbs) that has really helped. I started it in January, and will take it daily until March, and then re-evaluate. I hesitate some at mentioning the name of it here, until I know it works, because it has wormwood and black walnut hulls in it, so you shouldn’t take it without a qualified health professional’s counsel.

So I’m flirting, still, with 100%. I’ve been able to expand my diet to include sprouted wheat. I make an unleavened sprouted wheat sourdough I could kill for, and my body allows me a tiny bit of very dark chocolate occasionally without consequence. Other than that, I’m eating within SCD parameters but I also avoid dairy, nuts, legumes, or eggs. But my body will allow me raw veggies now, so I enjoy lots of good salads.

Most days I have good (not great, yet, but good) energy, and unless I really do something stupid, I have 1-2 quasi-formed stools/day, which I can hold if I need to. I have had a few very short bouts with profound depression, which I’ve never had before in my life. I’ve always had the tendency (it runs in the family), but have never experienced it before. Through that, I discovered that really high doses of B-vitamins will improve it. Yes, I’m getting my B levels tested soon.

I am still stuck with this horrendous itching, which comes and goes with my symptoms. It’s like my own little colitis activity meter, really. Some people’s knees ache when the weather changes; I itch and scratch until my skin falls off, when my colitis changes. So far, no good explanation for it.

I’m currently taking:

  • PARA 3-L (anti-microbial herb mix)
  • 150 billion CFU of Custom Probiotics 11-Strain mix
  • 1 tablespoon fish oil
  • Quercetin (in the product, Repair Guard), 6 tabs/day for repair, anti-inflammatory, and also regulates histamine (itching)
  • Vitamin supplements
  • 1-2 Zyrtec/day (to control my itching).

That’s where I sit today. Next time I’ll discuss the other half of my enzyme post in a short discussion of when/why enzymes could be helpful.


Until then…

Onward to Health,

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